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Терем-квартет. Терем-праздник

Over the 30 years of their existence, the Terem-Quartet has often acted as an ‘envoy’ of St. Petersburg and Russian culture. The Russian press calls the ensemble ‘St. Petersburg’s calling card’, bracketing the Quartet together with the Hermitage, the Mariinsky Theatre and the Russian Museum.

Terem-Quartet is a Russian phenomenon, a unique ensemble which has raised Russian folk instruments to unprecedented heights. Its astonishing virtuosity, breath-taking execution, awe-inspiring artistry and original musical arrangements have made the Quartet a symbol of St. Petersburg.

Terem-QuartetAn Extraordinary ensemble, in which each musician is simultaneously a composer, arranger and improviser but where the music is crafted by their joint creativity. Terem-Quartet’s repertoire includes over 500 pieces – original transcriptions and paradoxical fantasies based on popular themes from classical and modern music as well as folklore, jazz and soundtracks from famous films.

Russian art and the development of its oldest traditions provide the source for Terem-Quartet’s creativity. That’s why the Quartet has represented Russia in front of the planet’s most famous people – the Pope and Mother Teresa at the Vatican, at St. James’ Palace upon the invitation of Prince Charles, at the G8 leaders at the summit in St. Petersburg.

The Event of the year – the annual Terem-Festival – a highlight of St. Petersburg’s musical calendar, at which famous musicians from all over the world perform. The crossover idea – the mixture of different genres, styles and musical traditions – makes this musical event contemporary and relevant.

The Music of Terem-Quartet is passionate, lively, a resounding chord of the Russian soul. The musicians have overturned ideas of modern concert music-making, bringing their own brand of theatre and establishing an incredible dialogue with the audience. The creation of music for the XXI century – positive, energetic, bringing joy and love, changing the world for the better – is one of the fundamental undertakings of Terem-Quartet.


Andrey Konstantinov – soprano domra (Honored artist of Russia);
Andrey Smirnov – bayan (Honored artist of Russia);
Alexey Barschev – alto domra;
Vladimir Kudriavtcev – double bass.

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