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Well-known and the most talented musicians, ensembles and actors of different genres from St. Petersburg and from all Russia on concerts, corporate events, family and calendar holidays, city and sport celebrations, sessions of musical therapy!

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Terem-Prazdnik. Tatiana KonstantinovaFounder and general director of Artist Promotion agency, the Terem-prazdnik company, the founder of an informative public for parents "Children's Petersburg", the financial consultant of the international company “Life is Good” and “Terem-capital” consulting group.

The main field of Terem-prazdnik activity – entertainment booking service the best Russian artists for corporate events, Christmas, Office parties, Family fun days, team buildings, annual events, private events, weddings, children’s parties, Birthday parties, anniversary parties, charity events, regatta/sporting events.

Also we provide Photography&Videographer, video filming of concerts, master-class, events, and weddings.

Alizbar & Ann’Sannat
Actress and singer Yulia Asorgina
St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble




Терем-квартет. Терем-праздник

Over the 30 years of their existence, the Terem-Quartet has often acted as an ‘envoy’ of St. Petersburg and Russian culture. The Russian press calls the ensemble ‘St. Petersburg’s calling card’, bracketing the Quartet together with the Hermitage, the Mariinsky Theatre and the Russian Museum.

Terem-Quartet is a Russian phenomenon, a unique ensemble which has raised Russian folk instruments to unprecedented heights. Its astonishing virtuosity, breath-taking execution, awe-inspiring artistry and original musical arrangements have made the Quartet a symbol of St. Petersburg.

Terem-QuartetAn Extraordinary ensemble, in which each musician is simultaneously a composer, arranger and improviser but where the music is crafted by their joint creativity. Terem-Quartet’s repertoire includes over 500 pieces – original transcriptions and paradoxical fantasies based on popular themes from classical and modern music as well as folklore, jazz and soundtracks from famous films.

Russian art and the development of its oldest traditions provide the source for Terem-Quartet’s creativity. That’s why the Quartet has represented Russia in front of the planet’s most famous people – the Pope and Mother Teresa at the Vatican, at St. James’ Palace upon the invitation of Prince Charles, at the G8 leaders at the summit in St. Petersburg.

The Event of the year – the annual Terem-Festival – a highlight of St. Petersburg’s musical calendar, at which famous musicians from all over the world perform. The crossover idea – the mixture of different genres, styles and musical traditions – makes this musical event contemporary and relevant.

The Music of Terem-Quartet is passionate, lively, a resounding chord of the Russian soul. The musicians have overturned ideas of modern concert music-making, bringing their own brand of theatre and establishing an incredible dialogue with the audience. The creation of music for the XXI century – positive, energetic, bringing joy and love, changing the world for the better – is one of the fundamental undertakings of Terem-Quartet.


Andrey Konstantinov – soprano domra (Honored artist of Russia);
Andrey Smirnov – bayan (Honored artist of Russia);
Alexey Barschev – alto domra;
Vladimir Kudriavtcev – double bass.

We offer to you:

Live concerts, festivals, master classes, corporate events, summer children's creative camp "Teremok!" and International summer school in IMATRA.  


Alizbar & Ann’Sannat

ALIZBAR (ELIZBAR) – harpist virtuoso, Russian and Hungarian musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, founder and inspirer of the group "Ann Sannat". In the elven language of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien "Ann Sannat" means "tales, displayed in the songs". Alizbar & Ann’Sannat. Terem-Prazdnik.

Type of harp being played Alizbar, is widely distributed in Ireland and is revered there as national treasure. This tool is not used by the harpists of the academic school; it cannot be heard at a Symphony concert.


  • Alizbar / Elizbar - Celtic harp, ethnic flute, mandolin, Boiron, etc.;
  • Anna baturova hang, array-mbira, glockenspiel, Vibraton;
  • Alexander Samodum - guitar, harp-guitar;
  • Andrey Samoilov – bass.

The style of music is music fairy tale. It is a magical mood original compositions, art neo-folk, bluegrass, arrangements in the style of impressionism, minimalism. The symbiosis - is not limited to the scope of a style of music that draws concerts multi-age audience.

Sometimes the music that is impossible to forget. She seemed to penetrate the skin; it begins to pulsate with the heart and takes the country of dreams and fantasies.

At concerts Alizbar & Ann Sannat always sold out, the audience is willing to stand in the corridor to the corner of my eye to see and half an ear to hear this miracle. Alizbar plays multiple instruments: cello, violin, guitar, mandolin, flutes, whistles and all sorts of exotic instruments, but at age 30 he met the one that kept eluding adult fairy tale. Her name was Arfa...

The harp is the most fabulous instrument in the world, clean and bright. It creates space around you, made of love and sunshine, refracting the air and banishing the darkness. It soothes, pacifies our restless mind and leads only to the good.

In the music of Alizbar there are echoes of the ancient Celtic, Balkan, Hungarian motifs. However, that's exactly it, the music, like no other, the one that I want to hear again and again that I want to take with you, put under your pillow, wear near the heart. Musicians Ann Sannat in the sleeves and pockets - a thousand tiny elves, their shoes carry the dust particles with all the roads of Europe, and in her hair entangled with the grass enchanted meadows. Hurry to meet with the tale!

We offer to you:

Live concerts, individual and group harp therapy.

Ensemble "Marimba Mix" – the musical fireworks of melodic percussion!

MarimbaMix. Terem-Prazdnik.Marimba, xylophone, vibraphone and bell together with other tools in the hands of musicians come alive, revealing to the public new, non-standard sound long-familiar tunes. All musicians perform works in the author's own processing, which makes them truly unique for the audience.

“MarimbaMix” this is a crazy mix of different styles and genres. For one evening on the stage can be heard and sensual soul, jazz and tart, and the masterpieces of the world classic piggy bank. Mad and dizzying mix of eras and trends!

They create this extravaganza of sound 7 of Petersburg musicians - soloists of the leading symphony orchestras of the city, winners of international music competitions and recognized leaders of Russian performing arts.

“MarimbaMix” – it’s sad, candid, cheerful, dramatic and lyrical melodic percussion note will not leave anyone indifferent: from the fans of exotic musical experiments to classical academic experts. At concerts “MarimbaMix” both children and adults will be captivated by the purity, concise and surprising richness of sound.

Revealing all the deep variety and tonal beauty of percussion instruments is the main aspiration of “MarimbaMix”.

Soloists: Alexander Smirnov, Stanislav Grigorenko, Dmitri Sverbihin Timur Fedorov, Ivan Chernobaev Ivan Kostromitin Nikolay Ryzhov.

We offer to you:

Live concerts, background music for events; musical accompaniment for dancing programs; We compose an exclusive musical piece for order (musical pieces, corporate anthems, compositions – dedications). We are doing fantastic events for kids- mini lessons of history of music and live performance the most popular classical music pieces.

MarimbaMix. Terem-Prazdnik.

Actress and singer Yulia Asorgina

Concerts of the actress and singer Yulia Asorgina are absolutely unique. Yulia carries on legendary Elena Kamburova, Claudia Shulzhenko's traditions. In her performances all three components – music, the word and the actor's decision are equivalent.

Each song of the actress is a small performance, history. All the known, popular works receive absolutely new, unexpected reading in her execution, striking memorable on anybody not a similar timbre of a voice. The concert programs include not only hits, but also original music written by composer Vladimir Baskin. Programs:

We offer to you:

Live concerts with Music and Poetry programs (Kurt Weill – Berthold Brecht, The German cabaret of the 30th, Great Songs of World War II, Songs on poems of outstanding poets – Anna Akhmatova, Ioseph Brodsky, Igor Severyanin, Vladimir Vysotsky, Alexander Vertinsky, Bertolt Brecht), "Claudia Shulzhenko - The story her life and love".

Yulia Asorgina. Terem-Prazdnik.

St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble

St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble, winner of international competition CITTA' DI CASTELFIDARDO (Italy, 1999), consists of button-accordion, saxophone, guitar, bass-guitar, and the drums.

Its repertoire includes:

  • European and Russian popular variety accordion music,
  • original arrangements of "evergreen melodies",
  • Astor Piazzolla’s compositions.

The ensemble plays at national celebrations (French, German, Finnish and etc.), as well as international events, such as St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, Golden Blades Regatta, Ice Hockey World Championship, Biathlon World Championship.

It often performs abroad at accordion-, folk- and jazz festivals in Finland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, USA and Great Britain.

Besides concerts, the ensemble offers sheet music, workshops and master classes for music teachers and students in Russia and abroad based on original accordion teaching methodology.


We offer to you:

Live concerts, festivals, master classes, corporate events, children's program.


St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble. Terem-Prazdnik.


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