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Alizbar & Ann’Sannat

Alizbar & Ann’Sannat

ALIZBAR (ELIZBAR) – harpist virtuoso, Russian and Hungarian musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, founder and inspirer of the group "Ann Sannat". In the elven language of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien "Ann Sannat" means "tales, displayed in the songs". Alizbar & Ann’Sannat. Terem-Prazdnik.

Type of harp being played Alizbar, is widely distributed in Ireland and is revered there as national treasure. This tool is not used by the harpists of the academic school; it cannot be heard at a Symphony concert.


  • Alizbar / Elizbar – Celtic harp, ethnic flute, mandolin, Boiron, etc.;
  • Anna baturova hang, array-mbira, glockenspiel, Vibraton;
  • Alexander Samodum – guitar, harp-guitar;
  • Andrey Samoilov – bass.

The style of music is music fairy tale. It is a magical mood original compositions, art neo-folk, bluegrass, arrangements in the style of impressionism, minimalism. The symbiosis – is not limited to the scope of a style of music that draws concerts multi-age audience.

Sometimes the music that is impossible to forget. She seemed to penetrate the skin; it begins to pulsate with the heart and takes the country of dreams and fantasies.

At concerts Alizbar & Ann Sannat always sold out, the audience is willing to stand in the corridor to the corner of my eye to see and half an ear to hear this miracle. Alizbar plays multiple instruments: cello, violin, guitar, mandolin, flutes, whistles and all sorts of exotic instruments, but at age 30 he met the one that kept eluding adult fairy tale. Her name was Arfa...

The harp is the most fabulous instrument in the world, clean and bright. It creates space around you, made of love and sunshine, refracting the air and banishing the darkness. It soothes, pacifies our restless mind and leads only to the good.

In the music of Alizbar there are echoes of the ancient Celtic, Balkan, Hungarian motifs. However, that's exactly it, the music, like no other, the one that I want to hear again and again that I want to take with you, put under your pillow, wear near the heart. Musicians Ann Sannat in the sleeves and pockets - a thousand tiny elves, their shoes carry the dust particles with all the roads of Europe, and in her hair entangled with the grass enchanted meadows. Hurry to meet with the tale!

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